iOS 9 and the iPad

Federico “the iPad is my primary computer” Viticci writes about iOS 9 and the multitasking iPad:

iOS 9 is going to be a watershed moment for iPad users. For many, the iPad is about to graduate from utility to computer. Apple is envisioning a future where users can do more with iPad apps without the inherent complexities of OS X – and they’re largely relying on developers to help build this future.

It’s a great read, mirroring my thoughts overall. I share Viticci’s concern regarding adoption, since proper multitasking (not to be confused with the slide over feature) is for iPad Air 2 and beyond only, but not for the same reasons, it would seem. To me, this is something a lot of developers will rush to add, because the slide over feature will be made anyway, and that, I suspect, is the roadblock. No, my concern is user adoption, since iPads tend to stay in use for a long time. I don’t think the iPad Air 2 and beyond features are compelling enough for most users to upgrade.