Freewrite launches Sprinter web app

Astrohaus, makers of the distraction free smart typewriter known as Freewrite, is branching out. Well, sort of: Sprinter is a web app looking to convey the distraction free writing experience of the Freewrite.

Sprinter tries to replicate the Freewrite experience

From their announcement email:

The idea behind creating Sprinter is that it is meant to introduce new people to the concept of ‘distraction-free’ writing with as low a barrier as possible. While we can’t convey all of the awesomeness of using the Freewrite with a browser-based app, we tried to transfer as much design thinking we could into Sprinter. Since there is no way to have a true distraction-free experience in a browser, we implemented writing goals directly into the interface. By default, you start with a 15-minute goal which is meant to get people quickly started and keep them engaged despite being surrounded by the Internet.

You can try it yourself here, but please note that you’ll need a Postbox account (free) if you want to save your writings.

Shameless plug: If you’re into writing in the web browser, and distraction free writing experiences, you should definitely check out BlankPage. Yes, I’m somewhat involved, but that doesn’t make it a bad choice, quite the contrary I’d say!

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