Traveling. It is such a bore when done during the Holidays, capital H. People everywhere, noisy and sometimes utterly unbeknownst of how they bother their fellow travelers. Luggage are getting in the way, and all those bags of Christmas present at that. I ventured into the second class carriage and it was even worse, as it usually is. I’m just glad I didn’t plan on getting any work done on this trip.

I’m writing this on my iPad mini. It works well enough, and since the device is so small the lack of proper table space isn’t an issue. It is hunt and peck typing though, but it is better than sitting cramped over a laptop. Although to be honest, I’m just too lazy to bring out my 11″ Macbook Air that sits in my bag in the compartment above my seat.

I used to be able to get a work done traveling by train, which is my means of transportation right now. By air is impossible for me, always has been, but trains usually offer more room for this sort of thing. These days I’m so worked down to the bone that trains have gone from an opportunity of getting some work, usually writing, done, to a chance to catch up on sleep. I’m 40 minutes from my destination and aside some texts, this is the only thing I’ve written today. I have slept for three hours straight though, after a nice reading session, so there’s that.

I’ll spend the Holidays (still capital H) resting up. The new year kicks off with a busy writing and editing schedule, I’m even starting two weeks behind which is far from ideal but that’s the way it is. Reloading my batteries is more important than the minor work I could squeeze in the coming week.

That includes this site, by the way. Don’t expect any updates until next year.

I bid you a great Holiday, no matter what and how or even if you celebrate it, and a Happy New Year at that. Let’s talk soon.