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  • Happy 10th Birthday, WordPress

    Happy 10th Birthday, WordPress

    WordPress turns ten years old today and that’s celebrated across the world (see #wp10 on Twitter and the WP10 site for more). Unfortunately I’m not joining the festivities, despite there being quite a few events in Sweden. Instead I’m stuck at home putting the finishing touches to a very long day, the first of several this week.

    Before I turn my attention elsewhere, someplace offline, I did want to write a little something about the world’s dominant CMS, and what’ve paid most of my bills the past few years.

    I stumpled onto WordPress early. I used to roll my own platforms, with the help of people more talented than me, and publish videogame sites in Swedish. But I never came to terms with relying on other people’s free time and good will, and I never did get comfortable with all the help I got for free. It was nice and necessary, something we all did together, a bunch of kids making a dent in cyberspace, but in the end I always knew that it was neither sustainable nor fair should costs and money threaten to gain control. I’d been down that road before, and lost a friend because of it.  (more…)

  • The Blog Herald and why I left

    I’ve gotten a lot of questions about The Blog Herald recently, so I feel I need to clear the air on that matter. I used to be the editor of said site, but as of December 1st 2009, I’m not. This is not due to any controversy, me falling out with the owners of the site (being Splashpress Media, which I’ve always had and still have a great relationship with). Neither is it because of Paul “Scrivs” Scrivens appointment as the new publisher of the Splashpress network, I’ve only got good things to say about the guy in fact, and he knows it.

    In a time of transition, it made sense to take a few steps back. The network was changing, and The Blog Herald with it, and I felt that the plans that me and Splashpress had for the site was a bit obsolete because of this. (more…)

  • Why hello there

    I must say I’m happy to see you here. It’s been a long time after all, with me blogging and whatnot.

    Yes, this is my blog. This is where I’ll speak my mind, discuss matters of great importance with you, dear reader, and where I’ll roam free. In a yet to be published interview with the excellent BloggingPro (will link it when it’s up, of course), I try to explain why I haven’t blogged the last few years. Or rather, why I haven’t blogged in English, my Swedish blog is well read but has next to naught to do with the international blogosphere and matters concerning new media on a more global scale.

    But before I reboot myself as yet another voice in the crowded online media landscape, I’ll get this baby a bit more ready. I thought long and hard as to how I wanted the blog to look and behave, and mused over wether to have my blog and (upcoming) design portfolio at the same place. Obviously I decided not to, I’ll get to that later on. For now, I’ll put a tiny bit of effort to get tdh.me looking decent, and then it’ll be an ongoing work in progress I guess. After all, it is not just a springboard for my mind, but also a necessary playground amidst the more serious design gigs I sometimes venture upon.

    Meanwhile, I urge you to subscribe to my RSS feed and to keep an eye on the horizon. I won’t be there, but it is a pretty thing after all.

    Happy holidays.

  • 24HBC: Det här är mitt projekt

    24 Hour Business Camp

    Okej, jag har berättat om mina farhågor, pratat tjuvstart, samt inte minst visat min utrustning för 24 Hour Business Camp. Hög till att lyfta på skynket, inte sant?

    Först lite bakgrund. Jag jobbar främst med bloggar idag, nästan uteslutande faktiskt. Det rör sig om frilansskrivande och design, ganska så raka saker inom bloggosfären, samt om att agera rådgivande konsult åt bloggnätverk och entreprenörer. Det senare är något jag jobbat mig till genom att ha publicerat online så länge, och intresserat mig för bloggosfären. Faktum är att det började innan Kong-försäljningen, ett års research innan faktiskt. Något måste jag göra rätt, annars hade jag inte varit chefredaktör på respekterade The Blog Herald. Hela storyn finns i punktform här.

    Så med andra ord är det naturligt att jag gör något med bloggar. (more…)

  • Jaiku går open source

    Hade tänkt skriva uttömmande om det här, men dagen kom ikapp mig, så jag nöjer mig med att peka på Google Code-utannonserandet, Jockes jaik samt bloggpost, IDG:s lilla blänkare, samt inte minst min egna analys på The Blog Herald.

  • Tryckta bloggar

    Researchar tryckt webbmaterial just nu, eller tryckta bloggar i synnerhet, och som ett brev på posten blir det snack om Creative Commons-baserade tidningar på Jaiku samt så lyftar Gunnar fram den här sköna produkten från Really Interesting Group.

    Blotta tanken att ta material skrivet för webben och ge ut i tryckt form är, ja, förbryllande tror jag. Å ena sidan så älskar jag tanken på det fria i konceptet, från öppna webben till slutna pappret, men å andra sidan så tilltalar tanken att läsa texter skrivna för nätet på papper inte särskilt mycket. Visst, en hel del material online korrekturläses noga, men ser man till snittet så skulle jag tro att ögontiden på texterna är betydligt längre om de skall ut på papper. Det gör dem inte bättre, bara tajtare. Såvida man inte har en kass redaktör som redigerar bort fel saker, det har hänt… (more…)