Disney pulls Star Wars games, screws players

Disney has pulled two Star Wars games from the App Store and Google Play. Tiny Death Star and Star Wars: Assault Team are no more, no big loss if you ask me, but players of these titles are more than allowed to throw feces at the company and its decision. These titles are monetized from in-app purchases, and Disney pulling them like this makes them all but unplayable in the long run. Players who’ve invested money in gameplay are being screwed over.

This isn’t the first time such things happen, nor will it be the last. Always online, freemium based titles are available at the mercy of the publisher, which is a good a reason as ever to be wary of those types of games. In the long run, this is a problem for the App Store’s reliability.

Oh, and you should probably not trust Disney with your in-app purchases anymore. Assholes.