How Many Books?

How many books do you get to keep?

That thought just struck me. When I sold my house I gave away almost all my books, but now I’ve got some more room so I’m indulging myself, keeping books I like instead of passing them on. But how many are you allowed to have? A bookshelf? Two bookcases? Perhaps more, as long as you don’t have more than three boxes in the basement?

My former self would say ALL THE BOOKS and scoff at this notion, but I don’t think it is that easy anymore.

Most of my reading is done on the iPad mini these days. It lacks the feeling of dead trees, but it incredibly convenient. The last 50 books I’ve bought have been mostly Kindle editions, topped with the occasional indie title outside of any ecosystem, and a few iBooks purchases.

I don’t remember when I last bought a hardcover. That makes me sad, but then I catch myself and the nostalgic silliness.

There is a place for physical books in my home. Had I had different living arrangements I’d probably give books more room, but alas I have yet to found a haunted mansion close enough to the Odd Alice office.

I limit all my possessions, and believe it is healthy to do so. Things should not own you, I own my things, or so I’m led to believe anyway.

In my living room there are two big bookcases. It holds my physical books, my vinyls, most of the whisky, and some memorabilia. It is a limited space of things. I think this is how I should limit my books, and if a book doesn’t fit, I’ll either have to get rid of it, or replace another book in the bookcase. Whenever I feel that this is too harsh I just have to look at my Kindle library and remind myself that I am still an intellectual (pah!) and I still own a lot of books.

Most of which I have yet to read. Maybe that means I have too many books, no matter how much I fiddle with my limited bookcase?