Apple Won, Google Maps Is Available Again

Google Maps is out for iPhone, which means that Apple won. The whole point of throwing out Google Maps was to get a better map experience on iOS, since the Google Maps app prior to iOS 6.0 was sorely lacking when compared to the Android offering. Despite all its troubles, Apple’s is a better technical achievement and will no doubt be a great map alternative in the future.

I think Apple knows this. I think Apple wanted Google Maps for iOS, but they wanted the same great Google Maps experience that Android users were getting, with turn by turn navigation and whatnot. I think that Apple’s was just as much a pressure tool made for getting Google to release a proper Google Maps app for iPhone, as it was a declaration of independence from the largest mobile competitor.

And thus Apple won, not only getting free of Google where maps are concerned, but also getting the Google Maps app they wanted.

The job is just half done though, now comes the tricky part. Apple’s can’t be allowed to be so bad compared to Google’s offering, that won’t look good. is an embarrassment for Apple, and while they did get what they wanted with Google Maps, they also got a whole load of additional pressure where their own is concerned.