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  • The Perfect iPhone?

    The Perfect iPhone?

    I pick up the latest iPhone every year, just like I do with the iPad Pro. One could argue the necessity of that, but my excuse is that I work with these things. In pre-pandemic times, that was extra true because I did a lot of video with a setup centred around my iPhone 11 Pro. These days, not so much…

    Which suits me fine because when the iPhone 12 models dropped, I could easily go for the one I wanted, namely the iPhone 12 mini.


  • iPhone X

    iPhone X

    There’s something horrible about writing a post on the latest smartphone from Apple. It’s such a luxurious gadget, so over the top unnecessary, that I almost feel bad for getting it. Which is obviously ridiculous, since my previous model has found a new home, and so it goes until these precious pieces of tech don’t work anymore. We’re not ruining the world as long as we pass our stuff forward, right?

    Be that as it may, a $1,149 phone is sort of mind-boggling. That’s a computer, two computers, or five, or whatever, depending on what you think is decent enough to be called a computer. Personally I’m struggling with this, which is such a weird thing coming from someone tapping away on an iPad Pro… I’m not blessed or anything, I’m just gadgetally inclined. My bank account hates me for it.

    I don’t hate the iPhone X though. It’s the best bloody phone – sorry, portable computer – that Apple has ever made. I love the fact that it’s smaller and yet bigger than before. Face ID is magic, the build quality is amazing, the camera(s) are what you expect from The Next iPhone, and, well, yeah. It’s great. Next generation. It has the wow factor.

    You shouldn’t get it.

    Again, best iPhone ever, which – honestly – means best phone ever. Period.

    But the money, oh all that money! Chances are that you, if you’re contemplating the iPhone X when your contract runs out, already have a decent phone. The battery might be struggling, running dry even, and it’s starting to get sluggish.

    Restart it. Reset it. Try again.

    You see, while I can’t help myself, you could be stronger. Don’t swap out your stuff just because hey new shiny!!! hits you. There was literally nothing wrong with my iPhone 7 Plus (now removed from my setup), it was – is – a great phone. The iPhone X might be better, but my iPhone 7 Plus was more than enough. I never wanted more power, not really. I did want a smaller phone, and I got that, but the rest is just gravy.

    Sweet, sweet gravy.

    Where was I? Oh yeah.

    Save your money. Consider what you need, then reconsider, and ask yourself if a new phone will make you happier.

    I didn’t do that. I’ve got the iPhone X by my side. It’s amazing, but it doesn’t make me happy. On the other hand, owning it doesn’t make me sad either. It’s just one of those things, another gadget that’s better than the last, that won’t change my life.

    But it sure is the best iPhone ever.

  • The iPhone novel

    The iPhone novel

    One of the more read, and possibly most searched for, pieces on this site is the one where I declare that I’m writing a novel on my iPhone. Years later, this post still generates a decent amount of views, tweets, and emails from curious readers. In other words, this follow up is long overdue.

    First of all, I did indeed write a novel on my iPhone. I set a reasonable word count target per day, at a mere 300 words, to avoid getting too fatigued or end up straining my thumbs for longer sessions. Most days, I’d write more than 300 words, but rarely over 500, which means that the sessions were limited enough. Never once did I experience any discomfort from all that thumb-typing, which was reassuring.


  • Skriver du på din iPad eller iPhone?

    Jag letar efter olika arbetssätt för iOS-enheter (enbart, just nu), det vill säga iPad och iPhone främst. Det handlar om skrivande, och hur dessa enheter passar in i våra arbetsflöden. Vissa sparar ner anteckningar, medan andra skriver hela böcker på sina paddor.

    Så, om du är en skrivande person – och då menar jag allt från bloggposter och artiklar, till facklitteratur och romaner – så kan du hjälpa mig. Hur jobbar du med din iPhone och/eller iPad? Berätta för @tdh på Twitter så blir jag glad!

  • Från Plus, till normalstorlek

    Om du prenumererar på RE:THORD, eller bara läser TDH.me, så vet du redan att jag numera inte har en iPhone 6s Plus, utan har gått över till den normalstora modellen. Jag skrev lite mer om det i Plus-sized no more, om du är intresserad:

    So I bought an iPhone 6s, regular sized. I also picked up asilicone cover, which I’ve grown to appreciate due to the iPad Pro. Granted, most people won’t pick up a new phone like that, but I felt I’d had it with the Plus size. It kept falling out of my favorite jeans pocket, and I was started to get annoyed with it.

  • Plus-sized no more

    Plus-sized no more

    This is not about miracle diets or losing weight. Just saying.

    When the iPhone 6 launched, I bought both models. To me, the iPhone 5 models where close to being too big to live in my pocket already, and I feared that the 6 and 6 Plus would feel ridiculously big and clumsy. As usual, Apple knew what they were doing, and although I found both the 6 and the 6 Plus to be slightly too big, neither were clumsy. My reasoning was that if the phone’s gonna be big, it might as well be too big proper.


  • Everything Apple in 2015

    9to5mac doing what an Apple blog should, listing everything Apple released in 2015 year by year.

    […] 2015 has been one where Apple has truly released new products all across the year. So many, in fact, that it’s probably difficult to recall every single new hardware and software product without referencing the history books. Starting with the X released in X to the X released in X, we’ll take a retrospective look at everything new that came out of Apple this year and what to expect in 2016.

  • The device chain

    The device chain

    Steven Levy has a really interesting piece, albeit perhaps somewhat fluffy, on Apple’s new iMacs, as well as the accompanied new keyboard, mouse, and trackpad. It’s well worth a read, and there are a ton of things to quote if one was so inclined.

    I’m picking this one, which is Levy’s take on Apple’s Phil Schiller’s view on how the company’s devices add up:

    Schiller, in fact, has a grand philosophical theory of the Apple product line that puts all products on a continuum. Ideally, you should be using the smallest possible gadget to do as much as possible before going to the next largest gizmo in line.

    Start at the Apple Watch to keep your phone at bay. Then, on your iPhone, you do all the things that makes sense. Too small? Go to the iPad (and soon the iPad Pro), then to the Macbook. Finally, wrap it up on a 27″ iMac, or possibly a Mac Pro, if Apple would be so kind to release a proper Thunderbolt display with retina screen.


  • The iPod touch and the 4 inch iPhone

    The iPod touch and the 4 inch iPhone

    Apple has released a new model of the iPod touch, alongside new iPod models. Where the latter are more or less the same as before with new colors, the iPod touch is a different story.

    The new iPod touch retains the same form factor as before, adding new colors. That means that it’s still a 4 inch screen, much like th iPhone 5/5s has. This is surprising, since Apple used to keep the iPod touch in line with the current iPhone, but obviously that’s out of the window since they left it untouched for years, up until now.


  • iOS to require less storage for updates

    Apple has released iOS 8.1.3, and this should make everyone running low on storage happy:

    Reduces the amount of storage required to perform a software update.

    Grab the update by opening the Settings app, go to General, and then Software Update.

  • Typo indeed

    Typo 2 is a Blackberry-like keyboard for iPhone. From Sean Hollister’s review:

    Heres ab example of some typig on the FUCK why am I nack obn the homescreen? Typo’s physical keyboard. Its bot ridiculously retTrible but gos I wish Iddnty have to go back and fixz all these nisyakes.

  • Jim Dalrymple and the iPhone 6 Plus

    Jim Dalrymple on the iPhone 6 Plus:

    Despite my initial reaction, three months in and I’m happily using the iPhone 6 Plus. The larger screen is glorious for my aging eyes and I find I’m able to get more done on a phone than ever before.

    Nice piece. I’ll have my own piece on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, which I’m still swapping between, up in the near future.

  • Another iPhone 5 replacement program

    Having trouble with the sleep button on your iPhone 5? Apple might fix it for free:

    Apple has determined that the sleep/wake button mechanism on a small percentage of iPhone 5 models may stop working or work intermittently. iPhone 5 models manufactured through March 2013 may be affected by this issue.

    Apple will replace the sleep/wake button mechanism, free of charge, on iPhone 5 models that exhibit this issue and have a qualifying serial number.

    Details on Apple’s support site.

  • iOS 8 needs to pick up the pace

    The iOS 8 adoption rate is lagging behind iOS 7. From 9to5mac:

    iOS 8 gained only 1 point from 46% to 47% since September 21st which should have well exceeded 1% gain by the millions of new iPhone 6/Plus shipments alone – even if not one person had updated their iPhone 5/s/c. Even more confusing is that the “Earlier” category of iOS 6 and before devices actually grew in percentage from 5% to 6% over the previous two week period.

    I’m not sure if this is such a big deal just yet. There are a lot of 16 GB phones out there, and they tend to be pretty jampacked with apps, photos, and movies. That makes the iOS 8 update tough to install, since it’s requiring some 6 GB, at least in some cases. Still, if developer feels they can’t rely on iOS 8 growth similar to that of previous versions, then they won’t dare to rely on iOS 8 features exclusively. That’d be a shame, because iOS 8 is an under the hood release and it’s in all our best interest to see it widespread.

  • My Screens

    My Screens

    Screens are interesting. I’ve got a lot of screens that I interact with. It’s obviously the actual device behind the screen that makes a difference, but I’s still fascinated by screens.

    I’ve got a HDTV (several, in fact). I watch and play stuff on it, but other than that it’s not much of an interaction.

    There’s the retina MacBook Pro too. This screen is gorgeous, a truly impressive piece of technology right there. Having switched to retina iOS devices a long time ago, I now have a hard time using an operating system on a non-retina screen, or equivalent. I love the retina MacBook Pro screen, and I can’t wait to see it on other devices.