Stuff I fit in my headphone case

My over-ear headphones of choice currently is the Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless. They’re tight over the ears, more so than a lot of people like, and feature neither phone features nor noise-cancellation. I like them for the raw sound quality, especially when listening to classic rock, as well as how they block out most of the world without ruining the sound with white noise.

The P5 Wireless come in a little case or bag, containing a micro USB charging cable and a headphone cable if you’re out of battery or just want to go analog. What they probably didn’t know when they designed said bag was that it would be perfect to store some other everyday items I need when I travel.

Stuff currently in my headphone case when traveling

The actual bag is to the left, black and soft with an even softer inside to protect the headphones. It has a magnet lock that is just right in terms of strength.

Other than the P5 Wireless headphones, pictured on the upper right, I fit a Kindle Oasis (center), an Apple Pencil (between the Kindle and the headphones), as well as a cleaning cloth (lower right). The two black cables are micro-USB for charging and the aforementioned headphone cable for analog listening, with a Lightning adapter should I need one. Finally, I have a spare Lightning to USB cable in there, because why not?

All that in a headphone bag. It could fit more, I’ve been known to carry extra cash, passport, and travel documents in it too. It’s a spacious bag, without being too big for its primary purpose. I want to protect my headphones when I’m traveling, the headphone bag lives in whatever primary bag I have, but being able to stick these other little things in there is very useful. When I get on the plane, for example, I’ll just bring the headphone bag to my seat – it contains everything I’ll need.

Small things like this makes travel easier. Maybe you have something similar that you’d like to share? Let @tdh know on Twitter, I love to hear about stuff like this.