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  • Questions Answered, May 2013 Edition

    I was going to talk about Ghost, the crowdfunded blogging platform, today but as I read my draft I realized that my point was muddled and didn’t get across the way I wanted. The piece went in the bin and I’ll give it another go in a day or so.

    Let me instead answer some questions from the modern mailbag, which would mean anything from my email inbox to Twitter, App.net or Facebook. There might be questions directed at me over at Google+ as well, but those will continue to go unanswered.


  • Questions For A Writer

    “How do you do it?”

    I don’t get the question. There is no doing “it” here, writing is a bunch of things, but people seem to think that the craft is all about sitting down, typing away, and then you’re done. I used to ask the carpenters building houses the same thing, but then I got this thing with the nail in my forehead and I forgot what I was talking about.

    “I want to live like you do!”

    Of course you do, you think that all I do is drink and write and slouch around listening to music way too complicated for you, while waiting for inspiration to hit like a multiple muse-fueled orgasm. That’s not how it works, I’m actually hungover just like the rest of you.

    “I’ve written a book, three of ’em actually, they’re in my drawer and they’re awesome you know…”

    No, they’re not. Do you know how I can say that? They’re in your drawer, which is a piss-poor place to store manuscripts. There are these things called hard drives and whatnot these days. I’ll troglodyte with the best of them, but storing a manuscript in your sock drawer is just plain stupid. So is your book, if you keep it there. So there!

    “You have it easy!”

    Fuck yeah I do! Except when I’m not, of course.

    “Hey, if it doesn’t sell, just self-publish an ebook and make a few grand, write a $3,000 piece for Vanity Fair and have Wired commission something hip!”

    I’ll get right on that, but first I need to learn how to fellate myself, because that sounds just as likely. And just like your notions, it is about as possible for a fat drunken bastard as yours truly.

    “Why don’t you make money on your blog then?”

    Fuck you, I’m not a blogger!

  • This is TDH7, at least right now

    By now you have no doubt noticed that this very site looks different. As I have hinted on Twitter on numerous occasions, I’ve planned a redesign for quite some time. This is it, and it marks the start of a more organized site when it comes to updates and content.

    Since you’ve asked, this is the what’s and the why’s of this particular redesign, in FAQ form. (more…)

  • Mini-FAQ för att rädda min inkorg

    Det gläder mig att så många finner tdh.se vara intressant läsning! På 28 inlägg har det (i detta nu, vilket är ett antal timmar innan just du läser det här) skrivits hela 148 kommentarer! Det är inte illa tycker jag. Och ja, ni är några tusen som läser min blogg, trevligt – det sporrar mig vidare i utvecklingen, och då talar jag främst om den innehållsmässiga.

    Nu är det dock så att jag fått lite väl många mejl med samma frågor, så jag tänkte att jag skulle svara på dem här lite snabbt. Möjligen kan det rädda min inkorg, och så slipper ni vänta på att jag skall kunna ta mig tid att höra av mig. Så here goes! (more…)